Gettin’ my meds

Gettin’ my meds


To manage the symptoms of

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Separation Anxiety

Don’t you know dis-ease

Signifies an imbalance

Inside and out

Caustic fumes of the outside world

Assuming truth from the years of bullshit

Shoved up my nose and down my throat

Creating the cycle of torture

To grow into self-hatred

To train to never restore trust

To develop into destruction of a civilization


I am sick

You are sick

We are sick

They are sick

So….what is the prognosis?

Analysis underway

I see a woman brown/black/colorful

And I see an enemy

I see a man containing same hues

And I see a threat

I see a child gleaming and ready to learn

And I see a reason to run

I see White, Arab, Asian and Latino male

And I place him on a higher pedestal


That is some sick shit

But that is what happens when I am sick

You are sick, we are sick

Sick with a twisted mind

Co-created in a laboratory

Laboratory of Betrayal

Studying all historical accounts from every angle

Only feeding the brain

Yet you know all answers except one

How did we get here in 2012?

Arabs cracking the codes to the whites

White man created EVERY problem we know

All Black people were vegan and spiritually escalated

Homosexuality was never practiced prior to 1607

Infidelity didn’t exist because vocabulary nonpermissive




We are co-creators of all

Life includes polarities

Selective amnesia is the diagnosis

Depending on a system

That profits off of our demise

Now back to us…

Falling from “perfection”

Attuned to nature

Whales, foxes and canaries remain connected

Tree roots, crashing waves and sedentary rocks stabilized

Earth screams

Sun permeates

Moon cries

Fire wild

Purging the coating

Over our three eyes


© 2012

–E as Poetlove Water

Learning How to Eat (again)

Greetings to the loyal supporters!  Some of you may not know, but E has been an advocate for Holistic Health and Vegetarianism for over 10 years.  Yes, that is absolutely correct!

E has served as:

  • Host/Organizer for Vegetarian socials and Culinary presentations in New York City, Virginia and Atlanta, GA
  • Moderator/Conductor of Men’s Health & Wellness information sessions
  • Practitioner of Veganism/Raw Food/Breathetarianism

The love for educating and embracing the miseducation of the public has been a major charge for E.  This lead to the opportunity to appear in the independent film, Soul Food Junkies.  The film was written and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Byron Hurt.  Soul Food Junkies has already garnered ‘CNN Best Documentary Award for 2012 Black American Film Festival’, ‘Best Documentary Feature at 2012 UrbanWorld Film Festival’ and featured in New York Times.
The film will air on PBS, ‘Independent Lens Series’ at 10 PM on Monday, January 14, 2013.  Please check your local listings.

Film written and directed by Byron Hurt

Film written and directed by Byron Hurt


New Literary Offering

Thanks to all for your support throughout the times!  Here is a heart expression:



When Afrikan lips kiss

Gratitude is expressed to the Ancestors

The determination of Sunrise or Sunset goes forth

The cells of the Pyramids are solidified


When Afrikan lips are locked

The waters create the borders of Earth

Mama seeks out Papa

Fire and rain simultaneously fall


When Afrikan eyes meet

Warm darkness overtakes the soul

The Spirit graciously bows in reverence

The mind instantly solves higher math problems


When Afrikan eyes call

Magnetic waves rule

The feet have no say

This choice invokes tears of joy


When Afrikan tongues roll

Cities are erected

The stars collide expressing glory

The Sun darkens in peace


When Afrikan tongues call

Radiant vortex immensely draws

Time zones to hideaway

Surpassing our rules


© 2013

— E as Poetlove Water