Pieces of Life


These veggies are driving me crazy
The kale is causing spasmic orgasms
Now the ginger is inciting a fire
The purple carrots titilate my kidneys
This garlic and onion sandwich is also called Heaven

The release of nutrients
Fill my inner parts
I am full
Full of vitamins and minerals
That is present in the untainted soils
Oh food…..
Please tempt me
Tempt me
To where my eyes fly out of my head
I need you BAD!
Really really BAD!!!!!!

Make love to my stomach
Caress my small intestines
Heal my liver
And brighten my eyes
Return the white
This tongue is happy
To lick the juice of the mango
From my fingers and chin

Bury me in the garden
Bury me in the garden
Bury me in the garden
I will resurrect

(c) 2010 (published in the anthology, Potluck Poetry)
— E as Poetlove Water



Really Not Knowing

Doing something
And I landed in the spot
 People around unclear of the motive
Following my heart, mind, soul, and will
To the step into the new phase
I should’ve been there some time ago
Lord, I link with folks so
Destiny comes a big part
A big way
Can’t follow and be motivated in that system
That keeps you and I down
That makes us unhappy
Nature protects
God corrects
Follow the nurturing path
For independence and light
Truth lies
Within the eyes of the Follower
Greetings to one and all
Locked into the engaged space
Float to each fountain
Few, including I
Realize and rise
Above to the beyond
I couldn’t trod no more
My people are too precious….so, please come along
Clearance and faith
Open the portal
For a clean slate
The filtering and trash
Fell into the fire
The smoke rose
Complete with the tools and methods
For battle through into the next phase
Denial of me
Justification of all positivity and righteousness
From the soul
Brewed the Hyssop tea
I needed
Never knew hyssop is my favorite
That happens
When I is the negative of I
The march is forward
I was ordered not to look back
So, the most beautiful ones
You must walk beside me
Before anyone falls back
We grasp each other’s hands
The strength directs onward
Tow direction
Up and ahead
Warriors in all armor
Breakdown of myself
Communications with the Heavens
There are revelations
Obedience, courtesy
Enter that zone
No worries, no headache
Freedom is freedom
It’s so light
Overabundance of love
I must hum now
Chant and make clearance
There is more to come
Please…….full congregation
Free up the currency
Fine tuning and reception
Leads the way to righteousness
Oh, it purges
Cleansing for the soul
Light and free-floating
Knowing what to avoid
(sigh) (sigh) (sigh)
So lovely
Very sweet
Please inebriate
Half the path
Is trekked alone
Essentials obtained
I, you, we linked the one and only path
Peace and blessing be with us all

(c)  2003
–Jumaane I. Mali (from the book, The Chronicles of Air, Water, and Source)




 The sky

The air moves

Then, it carries something

Some things

Called Rhythm

Beats and Sounds

Seaps into my pores

‘Cause, you know I need air to survive

I need a beat to survive

Licks and strikes

On the skins of what was

Provides the instrument of glory

Beats and Pound

Palms touch skillfully

High tones and such


Medium tones to stabilize

Low tones to convict

Low tones to convict your soul

My soul must recognize

Acknowledge daily

The need for rhythm

Percussion to pierce

Percussion to stroke

Percussion to tap me on my shoulder

It invites me to dance

Set free

Free to roam

The space designated

Take my chance

Fulfill the desire

To connect with pitch

Pitch hits me nicely


It holds my hand

And leverages

When the song intoxicates



Above my problems

Tone asks me to dance

Tone asks me to drop ‘em off

Percussion interjects

“I designed the space for you”

Take freedom captive

Then, set it free

Invite another

(c) 2009
Etaniel Ben Yehuda (from the book, The Chronicles of Air, Water, and the Source)

Here and Ongoing

I see you
Iiiiiiiiiiiiii seeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuu
And I really hope you see me
Or feel me
But, know me
It only takes a few seconds
Because I yearn to know you
My yearn sharpens the intuit
The door is open
So, come into my space
The sofa is to the left
Nice brown coffee table
Open space
Your favorite cup of tea awaits
Read this book
It is entitled, Jumaane
I’ve read your book
And I like the contents
Just because it took 3 seconds to read
Doesn’t meant I didn’t get it
I read many books
I LOVE reading books
The midnight Black books
The yellow books
The brown books
The white books
The multitonal books
The red books
They are written ALL by the same author…..
Father Yahweh
Don’t forget to sip your tea
As you read
As you hear
As you think
As you feel
You have met your destiny
The preplanned arrival
Set in stone
Thank you for your choice
Thank you for your time
Thank you for your heart
For refreshments will be served in a moment
Continue to flip through the book
I know the pages are long
The chapters are complex and perplexing
But remain focused
Hear the tones
Each word has value
Absorb because it is sincere
They flow from the fountain of life
The source of life
Drink this water and your tea
This water made your tea
 I love coffee…..especially strong
I love chai tea
I love infused herbal tea
I love ricemilk
I love soymilk
I love the juice of mango and guava
I EVEN love the juice of a carrot
I love the source of water
I drink the instructions of the source
Here’s your cup
(c) 2006
–Jumaane I. Mali


Even blacker, crispy bodies lay
And they already cut off the meatier parts of the flesh
That was alive and well
Inhumane practices of creating meals
To feed to their gods of evil and malice
You can’t burn the spirit within
The spirit lives on from eternity to infinite eternity
Observing eyes that bulge in disbelief
That a so-called human can do this
Bodies responding in the same manner
Neckbones popping, mouths oozing, hand swinging
Higher nature still able to reproduce!
You can’t burn the spirit within
The spirit lives on from eternity to infinite eternity
Non-defensive capitulation signifies a crazy win
Martyrdom explaining the historical accounts
But the warrior stood fearless
“Go ahead and make my day!”
Your aunt, uncle, and child exclaimed
You can’t burn the spirit within
The spirit lives on from eternity to infinite eternity
Communications of disdain
“Kiss my ass and suck my dick!
Your deepest desire is to do both…so go ahead!”
Innately, the demons bow to the glory
Of Divine Beings knowing
You can’t burn the spirit within
The spirit lives on from eternity to infinite eternity
Life equals life
Death is a misconception
For the dwellers within darkness
Can’t see shit but their shit
So, we fly to the glory of the morning
You can’t burn the spirit within
The spirit lives on from one dispensation in time to the next
The spirit lives on from eternity to infinite eternity
(c) 2010
–E as Poetlove Water (from the forthcoming book, The Cells of the Tissue that Should Feel)



E as poet to write your story

To glance into your eyes

And identify the problems, solutions


E as love to gently caress your heart

Emotions that need my shoulder to release

Heal and realign the energies necessary

E as water to allow you to sail

Into an area of peace, tranquility

Safety that regulates our community


(C) 2011

–E as Poetlove Water


The Story of a Tree and the Bird


A tree that creates

A shadow so cold

Under it people sheltered

When the sun is hot

A fruity delicious mango

Grown in many Gambian homes

Which men and birds enjoy eating


This bird with a long face

Long ears and brown eyes

Dies mostly on the electric wires

I wondered then how it got killed

While pigeon dances on the same wire

From my teacher in primary I knew

That a bat gives birth like woman


Oh am lonely

Lonely due to barrenness

My fellow bear fruits

I, mahogany used for wood

As the sun rises

She calls bird ‘ffeew ffeew’ come come

Birds ‘cheew cheew’ chatting begins


© 2012

–by Giddo Jallow (from Banjul, The Gambia)


I really tried

I really tried

I know you saw it in my eyes

The scowl of pretense

The protection of a scarred soul

The heart that couldn’t pump blood anymore

Because of too many holes

Because of shots

Fired by the tongues of many men

Newscasters, Elders, Teachers

Strangers, Books, Leaders

Politician, statistics, Hiring Managers

I was never good enough

So, I listened to the words

“Hold your head up high!”

But that wasn’t enough


A supposed key

Opening the doors to the pit of hell

On this blasted Earth

I walk the streets to seek relieve

I bang the sisters to validate my manhood

Smoke out my lungs to kill myself


I know I’m tough

But I’m scared to pull the trigger

To the gun at my right temple

Asked the question too many times

Never got an answer

Played it cool in my 20’s

But that ain’t work

Only for a minute

Because I needed to know

What is my purpose?

I did mainstream

Alternative, Corporate and Independent

Yet, nothing satisfied

Always the reminders

That I ain’t shit!

What the hell do I do?

Make babies to assert my manhood

But them babies might be starving

Fight the dudes around my way

So I can create a reason to look over my shoulders

Get smoked out and high as gas

But I gotta preserve the gray matter to think of ways to escape

Escape the madness out here in the world

Escape the loud voices that taunt

Escape the devaluing and powerlessness that envelopes

I need the end

The end of the tunnel, the nightmare

As I walk with eyes wide open

Confusion on my face

Disgrace upon my brain

Embarassment of my soul

Lucidity ain’t silent or present

My soul’s mirrors can’t weep

Because my heart can’t feel

No blood pumping through

For oxygen to feed

Life into my being

I give up!

* Support a young brother today and beyond.*

(c) 2012

— E as Poetlove Water

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