Pure Balance, Self-Preservation


So, no more 2011.  That calendar year gave me a lot to deal…..myself!  Rebalancing was needed.  Realignment was sought.  Healing was imperative.  This caused me to embark upon a journey entitled, ’30 day Total Being Detoxification and Raw Food Diet’.  It entailed purification rituals, chakric energizing exercises, proper rest and specific meditative prayers. 

The results were:  transformational healing, freed energy (chi) flows, and reconnection with my true Cancerian nature.  And….it was fight!!!  My name is strength.  NOTHING will stop me unless I allow.

The detox and fast took place on 8 November – 7 December.  It was amazing.  I felt as if I was floating above the Earth.  I hardly wrote any pieces during this time, for I wanted to focus my energies on the fast. 

Now….let’s see what comes forth!