As the Caribbean connects with the world…

Greetings Greetings!  I am proud to present ‘Word: A Caribbean Book Fest 2013’, sponsored by Caribbean Cultural Theatre (Brooklyn, NY).  I have the great fortune of being a guest presenter on a panel of highly esteemed artistes/writers of Caribbean descent/connection.  It promises to be enriching, warm and educational.  Please check the flyers below.  It’s time for the right, productive beings of the World to unite!!!  Bliss, Light, Protection & Harmony!!!



‘E as Poetlove Water Flows’ — The Series – Video #5

For anyone that knows E, knows that me can be random at times. So, I post this video for listening/viewing/soul’s enjoyment. Please feel free to comment, provide feedback and/or share with others who may be interested/aligned to this topic. As always, thank you greatly! Paz y Luz

‘E as Poetlove Water Flows’ – The Series, Video #1

The video entitled, “Intro to E”, is the first installment of the 10-part series. ‘E as Poetlove Water Flows’ will address several topics like: preserving/sharing culture, the power of music, the disparities between the elders and youth of today, the importance of community/interdependence and health & wellness.