Now that I have your attention…

The Spring has been pretty great to me!  I maintain great health, strength, sanity and creativity!!!  In the midst of seeking artistic asylum, my brain and soul have been working assiduously for a lucrative peace.  Below are some of the things in the works:

  • The completion of the 2nd book, The Cells of the Tissue that Should Feel.  About 80% of the manuscript is finished and the remainder will be done by 25 April 2012.  It has a scheduled release date in Fall 2012.  I am in the process of selecting an artist (drawing/illustration) to provide the inside art.
  • The beginning of the 3rd book’s (yet to be titled) manuscript will be underway this week.  It will focus on holistic health and wellness in a practical manner.  The target audience will be persons from underserved, marginalized and economically-disadvantaged households.  The book will contain pratical tips on budgeting, discovering the multiple uses of basic household items, healthy and tasty recipes, a comprehensive guide to herbs and their properties and “homemade” remedies.  This book will be co-authored.  So, it should be exciting to work with other specialists in achieving the same goal.
  • National Black Book Festival in Houston, TX from 8-10 June 2012.  I plan to have a wonderful time meeting the people and fellow authors.
  • Creative Arts Workshop in the Gambia this Summer 2012.  As a part of the visit, I will be traveling to Morocco and Senegal.  This seems to be a beautiful trip in the making.
  • Continuing to perform and spread the name and the words I possess.
  • Working with some amazing artists in the field of music and creative writing.  Collaborations can be magical!

UPDATE:  The National Black Book Festival committee has decided the winner of the ‘2012 Best New Author Award’.  It was not me…’E’.  Although I did not win officially, I really enjoyed that experience as one of the 10 Finalists for the award.  Congratulations to Alicia Singleton, author of Dark Side of Valor!

Continue to check in with ‘E’.  More updates will come as they develop.  Until then…