Thought of the Decade

There are volumes of words of wisdom.  Expect them to come as inspired!

#1Let’s make friendship qualitative and not quantitative

#2Be yourself (and, not in an Americanized, individualistic, self-serving,   rude manner)

#3- Detoxify the mind, body, and soul in a regimented way.  It is vital for our continued progress

#4 Water is essential

#5Remember a superlative can always become a comparative which becomes a subjective


#6- The bridge between heart and soul should be guts

#7- How wonderful will it be to sit with a good friend drinking fresh coconut water and eating fresh-fallen mango under a shaded tree

#8- The proper way to eliminate solid waste from one’s body is to squat and relax.  The proper way to eliminate human waste from your life is to be open and honest

#9- Roots and Strength are synonymous.  The deeper they go, the stronger the object.

#10- Drinking fresh fruit and veggie juices are absorbed so much quicker than stressful situations.  Leave the cups of stress alone!


#11- Pure happiness is purity in eyes

#12- A vision of love is a vision of self-reflection

#13- Drums are conduits of sound, communication, power, and healing.  If it extends an invitation, please accept!

#14- The Ancestors will be your guide.  Remember they once walked the Earth as we are presently.  Who else can give you sound advice?

#15- Beware of synthetics, gossip, marketing schemes, and grossly imbalanced people.


#16- The best way to receive is to give.