Live Audience for Live Words!!!

Yes, you read correctly!  E will be giving a live performance in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, 4 February before a live audience!  You may ask, “what’s the occasion?!”  I may answer, “this is first official reading and dramatic performance for the new release, The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source. One of the “must-haves” for 2012!”

As the saying implies that “life can be a bitch”, so “life can be a joyous ride”.  Elation, expansion, and grand expectation describe my current and future mood.  For more information, become my Facebook friend or click on the link  Ciao

The major release has come!!!

Now for your reading pleasure…The Chronicles of Air, Water, and the Source !!!

Get your copy at, or

It has been a rewarding journey.  The book captures some of that.  Once you obtain your copy, take a moment to relax, drink a cup of delicious tea and absorb the words of my life!

Broken Silence (No Longer a Virgin)

First touch to haiku

Lust emblazoned heart and hand

Spilled seed on this note

One may wonder if I am using what Calypsonians/West Indians are the masters…..the double entendre.  Actually, I am not.  This haiku was not my way of being “freaky sneaky”.  It expresses the fact that this my first written haiku.  I am very proud to graduate into other forms of creative writing.  Haikus ain’t the only place where I’ve been laying my pen.  I’ve been working on the development of a comedy skit and a one-man play. 

Broken silence (No Longer a Virgin)…never to fear another haiku again!