Time of Changes

The progression of time, or the illusion thereof, never ceases to amaze me.  From having a great day to the next day being perceived as horrible, it seems to never stop.  In observation of persons who practice complacency, I conclude that complacency equates to temporary comfort.  Life can be tough.  The inception to transition can be confusing.

– When a baby is born, there is lots of love, adoration, affection, smiles, hugs and kisses freely given.

– When the baby becomes an adult, there is lots of disrespect, unreal expectations, judgment and insults freely given.

When did the time of change come?  How can humanity go from freely loving to freely hating with no remorse or conscientiousness?  It is baffling how time brings changes.  Because of this deviant behaviour, many people enter into adulthood with a weak, faltering foundation.  Sure…it is easy to hide behind university degrees, careers, a perceived attractive exterior and a variety of other defense mechanisms.  But, who loses in the end?

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Due to the nature of my being, I have counseled hundreds (if not, thousands) of people throughout the times.  Most of the people were positioned pretty well in their respective careers/life paths (or, as I like to say, their “genre of life”).  But, behind the veil of considerable income, self-assurance, confidence and competence, lies a spirit that has balled up in the corner awaiting the okay to emerge.  Measures of healing and reassurance are the only tools to bring an adult to the safe space experienced as an infant child.

The deals we make with ourselves and others only provide temporary distraction to lack of internal/eternal security.  The shift of reception of consistent positive vibrations to consistent negative vibrations is traumatic.  One can deny.  The psyche, the emotional well and the memory bank will remind you.  Our beings talk to us all of the time.  It speaks of the surplus, deficiency, balance and imbalances.  Furthermore, there are degrees of indicators from ‘mild warning’ to ‘immediate action required’.  Being balled in the corner reduces one’s ability to hear the internal voice loudly and clearly.

I would like to challenge the followers of Easpoet’s Blog to become mindful of their experience(s) from the perspective of receptor and sponsor of positive/negative vibrations.  As you reminisce, take yourself into the darkest, lightest—most honest places of the experiences.  This is the only way to determine how deeply you were affected and the functioning level of your willpower.

Relive the days of the beginning as an infant in adulthood!

Demand the cosmos and ancestors show you the road of eternal bliss!

The Calls of the Drums

In many minds and many cultures, the drum is considered “the heartbeat”.  The bass is considered “the pulse”.  Drumming is innate to Afrakan and Indigenous peoples worldwide.  The drum is the instrument and conduit to the Spirit World.  The world that some beings can see in clear view.  Others, not so much.  The beats of the drum affords all to benefit from the entrance (or re-entrance) into the spirit realm.  Taking a journey into many segments of the Cosmos for refreshment, reverence, praise, honor, communications, release.  Whether it is a Voudun ceremony in Benin/Togo, Eskista dance in Ethiopia, Zulu ceremony in South Africa, Santeria in Cuba or Christian worship service at Black/African Pentecostal churches in the USA, we have an inherent need to express our spiritual heritage through dance/movement.



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Themes for African Drums (Album), The Guy Warren Sounds. RCA Records, 1958.

Take a chance and spirit dance!!!

The ‘How’, the ‘When’

As I begin to explain the reason for writing, I want to say this…please read with an “emptied brain”.  The words that I will write warrants absorption.  Initially, the supporters of my blog may not get it (and I do appreciate your support).  But, bear with me.

Question 1:  How are we, as a people and society, in the current state of existence?

The answer is fairly simple.  It seems complex because common sense is manipulated into academic splurts for the benefit of an “elite few”.  Therefore, many issues are complicated beyond basic comprehension.  I believe we are in the current state of affairs because we have dismissed organic living for inorganic living.  Living is defined as a whole.  The indigenous peoples of the planet operated with high purpose and expressed connection to the spirit world.  From food habits to social norms to work ethics to collective economics, the shift dictates that humanity put its priorities into an illusion of progression.

Question 2:  When did you make moves towards personal liberation?

The response to this question can be fairly simple, also.  It took a while (some years, to be almost exact) to share my writings.  The writings are reflective of current state, throughout the times.  Being 70% introverted, I always had an intense conviction to look within for answers.  Although friends/family/community thought I was “interesting” for seeking solace within, I knew I wasn’t “interesting” for that reason alone.

My first published book, The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source, kindly demands us to go within for the answers.  Yes, physical manifestations and accounts of fruition are great indicators of work performed.  But, you MUST go within FIRST!  If everyone looked at themselves with a crushed ego and 16-way mirror, then no excuses will follow.  You will see yourself for the glorious and repairable being that you are.  Once the work is done individually, then the collective/society benefit.

Quick tips:  consciously breathe five (5) minutes a day; take, at least, one (1) day a month to fast from solid foods;  say aloud who you are when looking through your internal/third eye.

Question 3:  How do I express this newly found awareness in a constructive manner?

Anyone that knows E know that I function on polarities, scales and surfaces.  Polarities is just life/living.  Scales because I have a Libran moon (poor me, right?! LOL).  Surfaces because I begin, float and end with water.  So, I will clearly and candidly state my point or I will say very little to nothing.

Just be yourself!  Being yourself is operating in your positive aspects, as much as possible.  Allowing yourself to explore your negative aspects, as personally as possible.  You don’t want to consciously create enemies or bad situations.  Life equates going with the ebb and flow.   Success is inevitable!

To my blog followers/subscribers:  Many thanks for taking the time read, ‘like’, comment and repost.  I write to express to help on this journey called life.  Peace Prosperity Light

Non-tribute to Super Bowl Sunday

In tune
Protective Cloaks
Dangerous minds
Humanoid agendas
Demonoid actions
Super Bowl
Next day
Look out
Pulled curtain

See where the action truly lies
Look through the illusions of frivolity
Hear the clicks, clues, calls
Feel the impressions of transitioned beings
Touch the reality hidden, available
Ether’s providence in Black Power!

(c) 2014