Still Here For That Next Wave

Greetings Blog Followers and Fellow Citizens of the World!

It seems to be a minute.  So, I will keep the reading to a minute. 

Basically, here are the updates:

  • Returned to the States (NYC) safely on this week.
  • Back on the grind.  Linking up with my links.  Doing bigger, more visible things
  • Money is on the mind….needing to make more of it a home in my pockets/bank account
  • The Cells of the Tissue That Should Feel will be released in Spring 2014.  It is my 2nd book that focuses on the output, after the moments of introspection from the 1st book, The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source
  • ‘Refreshing Earth’ — the 2nd jewelry collection containing 40 pieces for men/women will be available in Spring 2014
  • Free-Flowing, Purpose-Driven Mini-Tour for the Arts is underway in three (3) months.  Will provide more details on the nature of the tour and how you can make the spreading of positive Art possible.  Keep the eyes wide!
  • Doing Artiste collaborations…..mucho excitement!  Two mad minds becoming one!
  • Follow me — Facebook [E as Poetlove Water] / Twitter [@MrEPLWater] / (Temp.) Website [www.easpoet,]

More Peace, Prosperity & Light to All Supportive Beings.  Cheers