Names….How to get ’em, Why do you get ’em?!?!

A name…carries power, culture, heritage, legacy, character, gender and tell the story about one’s birth.  I have been known by quite a few names…good and bad, solicited and unsolicited, received and not received!  The gratitude flows as I think on the many beings I encountered in this lifetime.  It is amazing and grounding when one experiences a soul connection and then compelled to name you according to their cultural understanding.

After speaking with fellow artiste, brother, creator and lover of his people, Pas Nbesa of The Seychelles, Africa, I gained deeper insight and peace on why I have been given the names gifted.  Based on my day of birth and gender, I am called Kwame amongst the Akan people of Ghana.  Kwame is a male born on Saturday and means ‘god’.  I think that fits….do you agree?


Ghana Flag (home of the Akan people)


After completing the ‘Absorption’ or klita (in Hebrew) within the Hebrew community in 2007, the Elders met and was granted a name to pass on to me.  I received the name, Etaniel.  I was quite elated!  There was a constant yearn for an Afrikan/Eastern experience in naming of a community member (myself).  


Hebrews [picture courtesy of]


Etaniel means the strength (Etan) of The Creator/God/The All (El).  Mannnnnn, that strength has been exercised!!!  Trust me on that one!

There are many ways to obtain a most accurate name to describe the essence of your being.  In a few instances, names were revealed to me for others with whom I connected.  Give thanks!  I would suggest seeking guidance and asking that the name will be revealed to you.  You will be surprised how the Universe can reveal our most sincere desires to us.  Continue to focus on having the best life possible!  Until then…