MKA Institute – “War & Crisis in South Sudan”

Racism takes many of the same forms, throughout the world. This video exposes the Arab racism against Indigenous East Afrikan peoples. Please know that each and everyone can help! Fulljoy the video. For any questions, please feel free to contact me via email. Bliss Light Prosperity!!!

The World is Turning, Shift Happens

Greetings Greetings!  Many people that I know are having a difficult time articulating their life movements.  Since 2011, the cosmos have been prepping our souls for the shift that has happened.  From DNA to “blood moons” to artificial intelligence to society’s immoral base, things are falling apart.  In order to rise, you must fall!  Check out my latest piece, “As the World Turns”.  It should explain my point a little clearer. 

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(courtesy of NASA)

As the World Turns


Misogyny rises
Misogyny falls
Scales out of balance
Records out of order
Minds misbelieving
Eyes misreading
Chromosomes filing
Truth withholding

She is a female dog
Object of your lust
Hitting it doggystyle

He is a pitbull
Delivering low vibrations
Trained to beat it up

Picking up bibles
Calling on pedophiles
Rich crooks faking humility

As the World Turns

Random books hidden
Falling from the secret caves
Signaling shame, burying fame

Proper light shine
Decalcifying pineal glands
Awaken the mummy of memory

The mother gave birth
The father gave a deposit
The mother began the life cycle

To Patrilineal
Brought confusion

Suffocating energy portals
Smack her on the butt
Grab her breasts
Pry open uninviting legs

Stick in your member
Years of mental torture
Stupid laughs and bragging rights

Only cavemen get off on that
Only cavemen get off on that
Only cavemen take without asking

As the World Turns

She really likes what she sees
Smack on your ass

You and your six friends
Hold a man down and take what you want

Grabbing your privates
Making it public
Laughing in your face

She controls the environment
Partners of her choosing
Not a delicate, innocent flower

No mind, just hormones
Dripping all over your exteriors
Secreting the words of her interiors

Joy in energy exchange
Inner claws sunken into his soul
Molecular ties wrapped tightly

Don’t believe the lies
Don’t believe the fate
Don’t believe in today

As the World Turns

News of tomorrows
Movements in light years
Nebulas recreation dictate

Returns of lactation
Breasts delivering restoring milk
Unborn babies become suckling

Regurgitating ancient instructions
Ribosomes recalling true living
Woman winning the seat of thrones

Hatshepsut, Nzinga, Harriet Tubman
Sisters testing your strength
Stand on line to get judged

Muscles for beauty, for operations
Analysis of DNA offerings
Weak aside, Dominant acknowleged

As the World Turns
Turning, Has turned
Here is your memo, brother!

© 2013
–E as Poetlove Water


After the “Sit-Down”…

For those of you that had a chance to tune-in to last evening’s interview on Blog Talk Radio – ‘Organic Brain Food Global Radio’ w/ Ruben Live and Soulove Magnetic, many thanks for your time and support!  To those who were unable to tune-in, let’s be grateful for archives.  I debuted the piece, “I am Dominican”.  It speaks on the racial and sociopolitical dynamics in Dominican Republic and Haiti (Hispanola).  Additionally, I discussed the creative arts, some pinnacle life experiences and upcoming events/projects.  Check out the link below:

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