A few things you should know

How my life has been progressing and evolving…

  • Last week, I embarked upon a week of prayer, meditation and saltwater flushes.  The results have been tremendous.  E is so much better connected to the gods and cosmos.  My heart and soul’s desires are coming to past, as I have put in the work over the times.
  • In line with better spiritual connection, I was reminded that I need to pack my bags and relocate to Chicago.  I am SO ready for a change of scenery and new energy!
  • The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source is still going.  NOW, you may purchase the book at Easpoet.wordpress.comPlease go to the ‘Contact E’ tab for payment through PayPal (coming soon).
  • The book is now in the process of being pitched to libraries, learning institutions and fellow man.
  • The Cells of the Tissue that Should Feel and Wealthy Healthy People:  The Ultimate Guide to Promised Living are in the process of being published.  The Cells will be available in late 2012/early 2013.  Wealthy Healthy People is scheduled to be released in November 2012.

Life is constantly moving, so I shall have more updates soon!  Maximum Blessings, Prosperity and Eternal Health!!!

Breathing the Cause

Looking to the left

For airflow

Coming up from the right

For a pillow

Going down to rest my head


Pushes me up

So I explore the feelings

But they were resolved

Last year….is correct

Spirit normally saves me

No conversation on this day

E, you already know

Graduated to the next level

As I soar to the height

Illuminated One

For the stars to see me

Live and direct

Energies remain to add weight

To my back, gut and heart

Why have I provided?

Not too long ago

I kicked out the trash

Of my system, of my psyche

The attack of the Blackman

Of the Hueman

Proliferation concluded that I

The titles await

Baba, Healer, Brother, Community Builder

Mentor, Enlightened, Rich for the Ages

As the preparation resumes

The teachings absorbed

The time awaits

To hand me the graduating papers

I hold onto tears

The Ancestors watch from a distance

Not as close as this time last year

Yet, they are the cheering squad

Meeting me down by the river

To cry me a river

Water is healing

As we give thanks for the current water cycle

© 2012

–E as Poetlove Water