Before and After the Lunar Eclipse 2010

Peoples, good peoples!  I have survived the times leading up to, through, and after the Lunar Eclipse.  Being a Moonchild (Cancer;  Sun & Ascendant Sign), the moon does affect my movements and behaviors.  I was unusually passive leading up to the eclipse.  During the eclipse, I was quite aggressive!  I meditated on having no altercations.  Trust me, mean crab was in full effect!

Now, that is over.  Guess what has happened?!?!  I am re-entering my Cancerian life, full-time!  I once denied my water makeup to flow with my winds (Moon in Libra; Gemini-cusp). ‘E’ was not completely happy! :-((

Now, the heartfelt, soulful pieces are flowing again.  I am looking inward, moving outward.  Taking friendship applications at this time (credit:  Brother Kahlil Koromantee).  Accepting supporters of my works and talents.  Blessings to all!!!  Let’s see what I have for calendar year, 2011