People’s Poetry Festival 2013, Philadelphia

People's Poetry Festival 2013, Philadelphia

E as Poetlove Water will be sharing the stage with the likes of Renowned Poet/Spoken Word Artist, Mr. Talaam Acey. Dr. Haki Madhubuti will be honored with a ‘Living Legend Award’ for his admirable contributions. It is a family-friendly event. Also, I will have my book, The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source, and original jewelry designs available for sale.

My Words about the Trayvon Martin Ordeal

To Miss Rachel



The shot that caused a hole

Making a body lifeless

Trayvon Benjamin Martin lays

The hole shattered a part of your heart too

That was your boy

Your homie

Your friend

Your fellow human being


Sharing the fun of teenage years

Sharing the struggles of

Existing as Black people

Walking the racist streets

Feeling Atlantic and Gulf Coast breezes

Easing the tempers

Anxiety of a next ordeal

Being lead to the slaughter


Imbalanced justice houses called courts

Calling her to recall

The fateful day

Nerves unraveling

Heartbeats exceeding

The day when her boy

Defended his justice

Scales tipping to the wrong side


Human emotion pricks

Sharp mind mixed with feelings

Sitting down for persecution

Delivered by the prosecution

Millions of doubled eyeballs

Fixate its visions

Upon a charade

To teach us a lesson


Intelligent, articulate and educated

Self-profession of the audience

Miss Rachel opens her mouth

The self-hatred of Black America revealed

Why she gotta stupid?

Why she gotta be inarticulate?

Why she gotta be a disgrace?

Why she gotta be Precious?


Miss Rachel has and will be okay

America…you are inarticulate

Jugdmental, Stupid, Insensitive

Dimly bright, Brightly clueless

Insulated in the bubble of idiocy

Crowning America king

While the royal courts

Stay beating your asses


Miss Rachel needed support

Sending prayers of support and sanity

Miss Rachel needed emails

Saying that we got her back

You sympathize with the deceased

And run the living into the grave

She felt your words

And replied in Kreyol d’Ayiti, Espanol & English


Although I ain’t watch the fiasco

The pressure cooker of boiling emotions

Expecting an overflow of outbursts

TV and I broke up in ‘98

The gullible expected justice

The minority knew the word ‘acquittal’

Wake up Black America

From several dreams


© 2013

-E as Poetlove Water

And the Results are in….

Greetings Fellow Fellows and Fellowettes,

As the new week begins, I happily leave the unstable yet necessary motions of last week.  In a previous post, I mentioned “From Depression to Upliftment”.  This week is the soar into the skies of materializing of past visions.  It is tough being a TRUE ARTISTE!  There are many that think it is cool to be an artiste.  Most REAL artiste love and hate the position in life.  It requires a lot and affords a certain amount of freedoms that many do not get to experience.

On with the results………..

For all that know, I have taken stance as a Pan-Afrikanist for my life.  I know that all so-called Black/Afrikan folks deal with many of the same issues.  Unfortunately, religion and politics have been highly effective, culturally-destructive tools.  But, NO MORE I SAY!!!  After many spiritual and practical exercises, I have discovered where my rootz are grounded.  According to mtDNA test, my maternal lineage is of the Mende people of Sierra Leone!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are primarily (assertive) farmers and hunters.  It is documented that the Mende people come from Ancient Ghana (present-day Senegal and Mali).  Before then, they are linked to Western Sudan.


Map of Salone (Sierra Leone)


This result has closed many doors of uncertainty and opened doors of Ancestral responsibility.  To know for certain who your people are, solidifies your existence, value and mission in life.  Let’s celebrate!


The flag of Sierra Leone. The motto is “Unity, Justice, Freedom”


The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source… for Sale!!!

The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source... for Sale!!!

Purchase your autographed copy today through PayPal. $15 for softcover and $25 for hardcover (shipping/handling included). Contact Etaniel Ben Yehuda (E as Poetlove Water) at or 718.812.5942 to place an order.

Time to find the way to look into yourselves for the answers!