E as Poetlove Water on ‘The Organic Brain Food Global Radio Show’

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First, let me take the time to thank everyone for their support.  Welcome to the new blog followers!  It can get crazy around here….but, a “good crazy”. Haha  Really, I am one of the most genuine people you will cross paths.  Unfortunately, good character traits are not celebrated, encouraged or cultivated these days.  So, I run with the torch diligently with lots of pride!

E as Poetlove Water will be a guest on ‘The Organic Brain Food Global Radio’ w/hosts Ruben Live and Soulove Magnetic on Tuesday, 1 April @ 7 PM. Discussion will focus on my past creative works, the intentions of my works and what legacy I would like to leave.
Past guests include: Dr. Delbert Blair, Bro. Azzaziel Bey, Oracle Uversa Oumbajuah (NYC). http://www.blogtalkradio.com/organicbrainfoodglobalradio MARK YOUR CALENDARS….Google, iPhone, MS Outlook, Samsung Galaxy notifications, wall calendars and/or refrigerator note!

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Spring Clean & Rearrangement w/The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source

Spring Clean & Rearrangement w/The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source

Available in E-book/Hardcover/Softcover. Payments accepted through PayPal (etanielbencyehuda@gmail.com). Autographed copies are available by request. Support your growth!!!

“Causal Reprise”…..A Short Story Behind the Story

Greetings Folks,

It’s been a while (the band, Staind) since I posted a lil suh’in suh’in.  A few months ago, I mentioned in a blog post that I wanted to do more artistic collaborations.  My voice and I are so connected that I have no fear that it will or can be lost.  The offer was made by Ghanaian expressionist/businessman, Awal Aziz of Washington, DC.  With that said, please fulljoy the following piece:

Causal Reprise

Even when I sleep

Am awake.


In my dreams

Live a different reality

One you can’t make.


Patience nearly consumes in day

Anxiety pulls the blanket

It’s night, over closing eyes

Shuttle mysterious takes off.


Without warning sign

Without pilot

Without consideration of ascribed consciousness

To a dimension

That exists differently.


Need for a vacation

All present in a travel’s dream.


Vehicles of scary ones

Transportation of fun ones

Voyages of sad ones…floating.


Gravity obsolete

No matter

Taking a free fall

Off of a skyscraper impossible. 


I love

Power closing doors

Slamming dreams for escape

Experiences wonder full

Fill up my dreams.


Thank you for your time

Now, you know how to dream.


© 2014

–Awal Aziz and E as Poetlove Water

For more information on Awal Aziz, please go to the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/sa2gh?fref=ts


The Mind’s Focus Exterior

The recent developments of technology makes it much easier to follow/stalk people.  I am well aware that I am being watched by family/friends, admirers, non-admirers and governmental agencies. It has been happening most of my life for omnifarious reasons. Every since I began grade school, I have been on a public stage for my scholastic abilities.  In the moment, it can be a bit surreal because you are simply performing to the best of your abilities and being recognized publicly.  I believe it is safe to say that I have always been selectively introverted.  Audiences range from classmates to parents to neighborhood/community freaks (female and male) to civic offices to newspaper/televisions subscribers to Internet perusers.  Is it ever considered that the subject (I) may not be comfortable with the unwarranted following/stalking?
Image     Image
The evolution of human beings has been quite baffling.  The decisions we make of people/places to expend our energies are disorienting.  Quite possibly, the unwarranted following/stalking maybe warranted.  The warranty is validated by genuine interest. Clearly, there is something that people have seen in me that intrigues, confuses, confirms and/or insinuates a need for connection.  I have had conversations with people who experienced the same in life for various reasons.  As notes were compared, we expressed the unease of being the specimen of interest.  On the flip side, it has been entertaining.  People can be a lot of things.  Throughout the years, I have learned much.  It has guided me to a more heightened intuition to be knowledgeable in situations.
In conclusion, the circle of friends have remained small and tight.  Humans are way out of order these days.  As strongly suggested in my earlier poetic works,I advise the navigation within the internal space for personal growth.  It is imperative
Let’s do it!  Let’s be considerate!  Let’s sincerely connect with those who can enrich our lives!