The Quest

Electrified Butter will never hit my plate

Poison is deadly and moving all around

Asunder beseech

Proof be found

(c) 2013

–E as Poetlove Water

As Time Stops | As Time Goes | As Time Slows

The last few weeks are very hard to explain. You would have to be some superspiritual clairvoyant or an elder of 90 years or greater to fully innerstand my life.  I accepted this assignment, pre-natally.  I tell you…it gets crazy, lonely, disappointing, depressing.  On the flip side, it can exhilarating, preparatory, advantageous, peaceful.  I guess that is the polarity or ‘see-saw’ called living.

Last night, I visited my only friend in Dominican Republic that I knew prior to the move.  I asked about the rooftop garden.  He proceeded to show me.  It was refreshing to hear the voices of the plants and soils.  After listening to the plants/soils, I offered some Reiki energy privately.  The plants really enjoyed it.  There was one plant deemed as “sick”.  Of course, this plant got special attention.  I look forward to receiving an excellent report, in the near future.


During this time with the plants, it took me to the time in space in between what we know as ‘time’.  I have to say…it was a great place to be.  Time has been manipulated greatly in the Earth realm by radiowaves, satellite signals, modern technology, sports, frivolous activities, social media and physical/mental imbalances.  So, how does one countermanipulate time, if you will?

I have been pondering ways of doing this.  My former method was creating my own world.  That has its advantages and disadvantages.  I love to connect with humanity too much to allow myself to get lost in that world.  A determining factor of merging reality with environment is realizing your purpose(s) and gift(s) to life. 

Selam / Shalom / Shalam / Amani / Lape / Vrede / Paix / Paz / Peace!