MKA Institute – “War & Crisis in South Sudan”

Racism takes many of the same forms, throughout the world. This video exposes the Arab racism against Indigenous East Afrikan peoples. Please know that each and everyone can help! Fulljoy the video. For any questions, please feel free to contact me via email. Bliss Light Prosperity!!!

E as Poetlove Water promoting the book, The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source

In late September 2013, E was out in Union Square Park promoting his literary works and meeting the people. The book covers a multitude of topics to assist the supporter down the road named ‘Life’. Copies (soft and hardcovers) are available through PayPal [Email address:]. $16.50 for softcover and $26.50 for hardcover. An autograph, shipping/handling and a few promotional material are included in this price. The book is life-changing!!!

[Video shot by fellow artiste, Soulove Magentic]

I am Mende!

In line with the recent discovery of my Mende roots (Sierra Leone/Ancient Ghana) on my mother’s side (may her soul rest in peace and light!), I have been digging for any and all information on my peoples. Although it is a rehearsal, the music resonates so high with me.

With more developments come more postings. Fulljoy!

‘E as Poetlove Water Flows’ — The Series – Video #5

For anyone that knows E, knows that me can be random at times. So, I post this video for listening/viewing/soul’s enjoyment. Please feel free to comment, provide feedback and/or share with others who may be interested/aligned to this topic. As always, thank you greatly! Paz y Luz

‘E as Poetlove Water Flows’ – The Series, Video #1

The video entitled, “Intro to E”, is the first installment of the 10-part series. ‘E as Poetlove Water Flows’ will address several topics like: preserving/sharing culture, the power of music, the disparities between the elders and youth of today, the importance of community/interdependence and health & wellness.