New Literary Offering

Thanks to all for your support throughout the times!  Here is a heart expression:



When Afrikan lips kiss

Gratitude is expressed to the Ancestors

The determination of Sunrise or Sunset goes forth

The cells of the Pyramids are solidified


When Afrikan lips are locked

The waters create the borders of Earth

Mama seeks out Papa

Fire and rain simultaneously fall


When Afrikan eyes meet

Warm darkness overtakes the soul

The Spirit graciously bows in reverence

The mind instantly solves higher math problems


When Afrikan eyes call

Magnetic waves rule

The feet have no say

This choice invokes tears of joy


When Afrikan tongues roll

Cities are erected

The stars collide expressing glory

The Sun darkens in peace


When Afrikan tongues call

Radiant vortex immensely draws

Time zones to hideaway

Surpassing our rules


© 2013

— E as Poetlove Water


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