The new book has ALMOST arrived!

Greetings Dedicated Poetry Lovers,

As you have read in the title, the second book is almost available for homes across the globe. The Cells of the Tissue That Should Feel will be the second published book of E as Poetlove Water/Etaniel Ben Yehuda/me (scheduled for Fall 2016 release).  I believe this book is the extroverted twin of The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source.  In the first book, The Chronicles, I encouraged readers through personal experience to seek the answers to life on inside of self.  Although this was not a popular concept in the 1990’s/early 2000’s, I hold steadfast to the idea of inner development for true empowerment.  I can give thousands of testimonies of the effectiveness of knowing self and walking in your divine power!


Now…that we have connected with self, it’s time to MAKE SOME NOISE! The Cells is not for the faint of heart or soul.  This life on Earth requires great amounts of strength, focus, determination and certainty in purpose.  Stay tuned as I provide teasers as poems over the upcoming weeks, leading to the publishing debut.  As always, I really appreciate the wonderful support that my artistic/soul expressions have garnered.  Fulljoy life!

Spring Clean & Rearrangement w/The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source

Spring Clean & Rearrangement w/The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source

Available in E-book/Hardcover/Softcover. Payments accepted through PayPal ( Autographed copies are available by request. Support your growth!!!

E as Poetlove Water promoting the book, The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source

In late September 2013, E was out in Union Square Park promoting his literary works and meeting the people. The book covers a multitude of topics to assist the supporter down the road named ‘Life’. Copies (soft and hardcovers) are available through PayPal [Email address:]. $16.50 for softcover and $26.50 for hardcover. An autograph, shipping/handling and a few promotional material are included in this price. The book is life-changing!!!

[Video shot by fellow artiste, Soulove Magentic]

The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source… for Sale!!!

The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source... for Sale!!!

Purchase your autographed copy today through PayPal. $15 for softcover and $25 for hardcover (shipping/handling included). Contact Etaniel Ben Yehuda (E as Poetlove Water) at or 718.812.5942 to place an order.

Time to find the way to look into yourselves for the answers!