Who pushes agenda the hardest?

I am not faint of heart!  I am not to make faint of someone’s heart.  This is a real world with real opposition.  So, I gladly embrace the opposition that may come.

Wonderful people…guess what I am discussing today?! The human ego.  When in balance, it produces great and sensible actions. When out of balance, it produces treachery, fear and falsehood.


I think I will begin with the women’s ego. Ladies, do not shoot me with a verbal/written/literal AK-47.  Just read and assess. Women fulfill many roles in many societies. They have acted as queens, military strategists, nurses, mothers, sisters, carriers of water, cooks, managers, secretaries, architects, real estate agents, community organizers and many other things.  Women are more than capable beings.  Unfortunately, women globally have been oppressed by imbalanced patriarchy, dominating religion and male chauvinism. Oppression breeds contempt. Now, who wants to be dictated constantly?  I believe it is safe to say no one.

During oppressing times for women, the psyche developed coping mechanisms, selected memory storage, unfavorable impressions of the oppressor(s) and a possible resentment towards others that appear as member of the oppressor/oppressive group.  To any logical mind, this seems to be a fair response. But, let’s look at a couple of things.  In nature, females are mothers. For most, mother equals caring. The polarity of woman’s character is viciousness, cunning, manipulative and hunters.  There are several species of female insects and mammals that are mean! Black Widow spiders kills the male spider after mating. Praying mantis will engage in a courtship. If the female is literally hunger, she will eat the head or leg of her partner after sex. There are human females that purpose to be mean and devious toward human males, as if it is their “womanly duty”.

Another thing to consider is the need for a woman’s egotistical whims to be satisfied constantly. Everyone likes a genuine compliment from time to time.  There seems to be an rapacious need for a woman to receive compliments, genuine or questionable. Additionally, many women have the expectation that a man will fulfill a long list of desires like working consistently to cover financial responsibilities, do indoor/outdoor home chores, spend a great amount of time with her, buy her things on a regular basis, take her out regularly, constantly provide compliments and pretend as if other women don’t exist on planet Earth.  Is this fueled by an imbalanced ego that creates an insatiable “appetite”?

Now, I’ll get to the men. In modern society, the ego seem to be strictly assigned to men.  It is a terrible myth that many men have fallen victim and allowed the usage to be abusive to others.  In this blog post, please note that I do respect the ‘man codes’ and will not divulge all of our secrets. I desire to not be kicked out of the brotherhood.  Haha

Unfortunately, men around the global have not felt a dire need to check one’s ego. In imbalanced male patriarchal, it is a disregarded option.  The effect has been many hurt and disappointed family/community members, rapes, fights, wars, company takeovers, unplanned pregnancies, jail/prison sentences, broken homes, domestic violence, among other things.  These are not good things at all.  Some men wonder why the general public are distrusting of their forthcoming actions. A balanced ego will help to solve the public unease.  It is understood that nature offers several levels of competitiveness. Man competes with the world, so to speak, on a daily basis.  Since one of his main roles in many societies is to be a provider, he must go into the world to hunt for what is necessary.  The competition pool may be small (living in a village, small town) to enormous (living in a large metropolis). This encourages an innate ego boost as a method of survival and personal inspiration.  When a man is deemed as “successful” to family/peers/community members, he may give all credit to self and an ego that boost self-value.  If the man does not have internal and external factors to regulate a healthy ego, then the ego inflates and causes problem.  People will begin to refer to him as “jerk”, “jackass”, “prick”, “asshole”, “bastard”, so on and continued.  Needless to say, those are not good descriptions.

As the title begs an answer…who pushes their agenda the hardest, men or women?  Please leave your responses in the comments below.  Don’t forget to share friends/family/colleagues. Thank you for your time and cooperation.


  1. EGO = easing God out! It makes so much sense bro. The simple answer to a complex

    question is, Ego is about self. A diametric opposite of humility, which is characteristic of

    serving and submitting. In the Holy Scriptures, it is written in James 4:7… “Submit

    therefore yourselves to YHWH. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Ego is about

    pride. In Proverbs 16:18 we learn, that “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit

    before a fall.”

    EGO = it’s all about ME! Arrogance, self-centeredness, like Lucifer who

    may have been beautiful, but ended up being stupider! That one heavenly event, where

    he sought “equality” with YHWH and was subsequently cast out so long ago, has

    impacted every spirit embodied in flesh and blood. Resonating out into the ether and effecting all of creations vibrations.

    Today, i feel misandry is greater than misogyny and that feminism is born from a demon seed that seeks to destroy the innate love, attraction and unique distinctions, that male and females were created with to form families that reproduce after their own kind. Without God…we are spiritual counterfeits!

    The result my brethren, is PROBLEMAS! Oppressive male attitudes just stoke the embers into MAD (mutually agreed destruction) It’s ALL demonic. i love woman E, i’m not a misogynist, but feminist have lost their way and their minds. Every relationship i’ve ever been in was destroyed by feminism. i used to entertain their mess, now i rebuke them. Are there any woman left who are NOT feminist? Lead me to her, Elohim! i know my statement won’t be popular, but the truth never is! Beside i always make it a point to curb my ego because of what I state. Blessing to you and yours E!
    – Siete

  2. I have always asserted that if the male ego is gratified at the expense of his womb-man, and the female is gratified at the exspense of her man, that is not successful living. For if the family is falling apart or dying, they are both failures! In my humble opinion of course.🤔

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