Revolution Around Ra (Sun) — We Are Drawing Closer

Greetings Good Folks!  It has been a few weeks since last post.  So, hold on to your seats…unstable roller coaster ride to come!

Give thanx for the completion of another revolution around the Sun!  The celebration started on Saturday, June 21st with a ‘Summer Solstice/Earth Day Celebration’.  We had a blast!  There was great energy, great food/drink, nice raffle prizes and plenty of dancing. It was the rejuvenation most of us needed in New York City and beyond.


(picture courtesy of

(picture courtesy of

Honestly, I have to say there were many times where I had become disinterested with living on Earth.  The current state of the planet and the beings it house…SMH.  As I prepare for excursion to Florida for some weeks to regroup, my spirit is telling me that I am doing the right thing.  How is this confirmed?  Simply…the stupid, idiotic challenges being faced at the moment.  Although I am a service-oriented, giving, counseling, nurturing, cooperative type, I have been unable to focus intently on personal/professional projects and goals.

At this point in time, it is mandatory that all of my goals/dreams/aspirations are fulfilled.  I am not interested in returning to Planet Earth within the next 25,000 years.   The great thing is the Planet Earth will be closer to the Sun.  The excessive heat will kill the germs-people that have been causing mayhem, death and destruction.  So, things are going fine.  Blissful Summer/Cancerian Season!!!

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