E as Poetlove Water on ‘The Organic Brain Food Global Radio Show’

Greetings Greetings! 

First, let me take the time to thank everyone for their support.  Welcome to the new blog followers!  It can get crazy around here….but, a “good crazy”. Haha  Really, I am one of the most genuine people you will cross paths.  Unfortunately, good character traits are not celebrated, encouraged or cultivated these days.  So, I run with the torch diligently with lots of pride!

E as Poetlove Water will be a guest on ‘The Organic Brain Food Global Radio’ w/hosts Ruben Live and Soulove Magnetic on Tuesday, 1 April @ 7 PM. Discussion will focus on my past creative works, the intentions of my works and what legacy I would like to leave.
Past guests include: Dr. Delbert Blair, Bro. Azzaziel Bey, Oracle Uversa Oumbajuah (NYC). http://www.blogtalkradio.com/organicbrainfoodglobalradio MARK YOUR CALENDARS….Google, iPhone, MS Outlook, Samsung Galaxy notifications, wall calendars and/or refrigerator note!

For more frequent updates and audio-visual happenings, follow me on Twitter: @MrEPLWater / Facebook:  E as Poetlovewater / YouTube: E as Poetlove Water / Vimeo: E as Poetlove Water. 

Again, thanks!  Have an excellent weekend!!!


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