“Causal Reprise”…..A Short Story Behind the Story

Greetings Folks,

It’s been a while (the band, Staind) since I posted a lil suh’in suh’in.  A few months ago, I mentioned in a blog post that I wanted to do more artistic collaborations.  My voice and I are so connected that I have no fear that it will or can be lost.  The offer was made by Ghanaian expressionist/businessman, Awal Aziz of Washington, DC.  With that said, please fulljoy the following piece:

Causal Reprise

Even when I sleep

Am awake.


In my dreams

Live a different reality

One you can’t make.


Patience nearly consumes in day

Anxiety pulls the blanket

It’s night, over closing eyes

Shuttle mysterious takes off.


Without warning sign

Without pilot

Without consideration of ascribed consciousness

To a dimension

That exists differently.


Need for a vacation

All present in a travel’s dream.


Vehicles of scary ones

Transportation of fun ones

Voyages of sad ones…floating.


Gravity obsolete

No matter

Taking a free fall

Off of a skyscraper impossible. 


I love

Power closing doors

Slamming dreams for escape

Experiences wonder full

Fill up my dreams.


Thank you for your time

Now, you know how to dream.


© 2014

–Awal Aziz and E as Poetlove Water

For more information on Awal Aziz, please go to the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/sa2gh?fref=ts



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