The ‘How’, the ‘When’

As I begin to explain the reason for writing, I want to say this…please read with an “emptied brain”.  The words that I will write warrants absorption.  Initially, the supporters of my blog may not get it (and I do appreciate your support).  But, bear with me.

Question 1:  How are we, as a people and society, in the current state of existence?

The answer is fairly simple.  It seems complex because common sense is manipulated into academic splurts for the benefit of an “elite few”.  Therefore, many issues are complicated beyond basic comprehension.  I believe we are in the current state of affairs because we have dismissed organic living for inorganic living.  Living is defined as a whole.  The indigenous peoples of the planet operated with high purpose and expressed connection to the spirit world.  From food habits to social norms to work ethics to collective economics, the shift dictates that humanity put its priorities into an illusion of progression.

Question 2:  When did you make moves towards personal liberation?

The response to this question can be fairly simple, also.  It took a while (some years, to be almost exact) to share my writings.  The writings are reflective of current state, throughout the times.  Being 70% introverted, I always had an intense conviction to look within for answers.  Although friends/family/community thought I was “interesting” for seeking solace within, I knew I wasn’t “interesting” for that reason alone.

My first published book, The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source, kindly demands us to go within for the answers.  Yes, physical manifestations and accounts of fruition are great indicators of work performed.  But, you MUST go within FIRST!  If everyone looked at themselves with a crushed ego and 16-way mirror, then no excuses will follow.  You will see yourself for the glorious and repairable being that you are.  Once the work is done individually, then the collective/society benefit.

Quick tips:  consciously breathe five (5) minutes a day; take, at least, one (1) day a month to fast from solid foods;  say aloud who you are when looking through your internal/third eye.

Question 3:  How do I express this newly found awareness in a constructive manner?

Anyone that knows E know that I function on polarities, scales and surfaces.  Polarities is just life/living.  Scales because I have a Libran moon (poor me, right?! LOL).  Surfaces because I begin, float and end with water.  So, I will clearly and candidly state my point or I will say very little to nothing.

Just be yourself!  Being yourself is operating in your positive aspects, as much as possible.  Allowing yourself to explore your negative aspects, as personally as possible.  You don’t want to consciously create enemies or bad situations.  Life equates going with the ebb and flow.   Success is inevitable!

To my blog followers/subscribers:  Many thanks for taking the time read, ‘like’, comment and repost.  I write to express to help on this journey called life.  Peace Prosperity Light


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