My Talent vs. My Talent

The voice you hear through pages
From a very deep spring
That dries some times
Tears that bleed
For the many cases on Earth
Courts of Ma’at

The voice you hear through cords
Push and massage to the max
Hydroelectric movements
From a very deep spring
Guts expelling
The multiple moments in time

Poet vs. Singer
Pensive Existence vs. Exciting Outputs
Word Sound vs. Word Sound
Implosions vs. Explosions
Small platform vs Large Platform
Being ignored vs. Being revered
Time vs. Time

Electing to pick up the pen
Do I regret?
Step to the mic
To spit
To sing
Rich tones nonetheless
Quality absolute

For the love of both
For the fear of none
To give my all
To be my all
Pushing and preparing
Birthing and relinquishing
The rights

Being wrong on the big stage
Being wronger on the life stage
Critical eyes ponder
Critical ears wait
Wrong note, wrong note
Doom to perfection
Arising void of potential

So, I write my heart out
And receive little appreciation
Smaller support base
Scream my guts out
Whine up meh waist
And beg for sex
Much up meh plenty

Questions for society
Lingering wonders on air pockets
Traveling traverse over true feelings
Disrespectful allegations that destroy
No regard, no behaviour valuable
My Talent vs My Talent
It shall never be a competition

(c) 2013
–E as Poetlove Water


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