E as …..many thangs!

I have always been a pretty expansive being.  The blog post of short video interview with Soulove Magnetic (Cosmology Bey) in Bryant Park · Manhattan, NYC spake on this reality.  Limits and I don´t see eye to eye or heart to heart.  Well, we can thank the stars for aligning at such a time when I entered the Earth realm.  My primary elements are water and air.  Neither should be contained for extended periods of time or it loses its effervescence.  In 2013, I expanded my creative abilities into jewelry making. 

I need to see pieces in this world that carries my aesthetic.  Feast your eyes on the photo below:


It is named, ´Translucent Earth´ necklace.  It represents the clear and semi·opaque offerings of Mother Earth.  The necklace reiterates the fact that you don´t have to be heavy to be solid.  ´Translucent Earth´ Necklace is available for purchase.  The price is $40 USD (price is negotiable, shipping/handling is not included in price).  Payments are accepted through PayPal.  If interested, please contact Etaniel Ben Yehuda at etanielbencyehuda@gmail.com.  My gifts are always in search of wonderful and interesting owners/homes/offices to dwell. 

Don´t forget copies of The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source are available for purchase through PayPal.  $17 for softcover / $27 for hardcover (price includes book with autograph and shipping & handling fee).  Upon receipt of payment, item(s) will be shipped within 1 bus. day. 

Thank you for your support!  More to come, more to come


*Items will be shipped from Dominican Republic, West Indies*


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