Where Emergency is State of Commercial Art

For the past hour, I have been shaking my head (causing a slight headache…ha!).  While tuned in to the radio, I hear “Versace” by Migos featuring Drake, Meek Mill and Tyge.  Needless to say, it sounds like a low-budget production that was completed in 15 minutes, top-to-bottom. It is a great insult to call that “art”.  What happened to the soul and social responsibility in commercial art (or alleged art)?  What happened to creating legacies where proceeding generations can learn and gleam?  Here is what happened…

There are predators and snakes that observe and assess if something/somebody will become their prey.  This tactic played out about 25 years.  When Hip Hop was proving to be a very legitimate and viable art form, then the heads collaborated.  Elaborate schemes and marketing plans were underway.  By 1990, we had two of the most commercially-successful acts each selling 10 million records.  Names:  MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.  Neither one were approved by the Hip Hop community.  But, Hammer got somewhat of a pass because he was a great dancer, had great dance routines and constantly paid respect to the Godfather of Soul-the late great James Brown.  Vanilla Ice was regarded as a fraud and talentless.  This was the start of the major shift.

Fast forwarding quickly through the 90’s and entering the 2000’s…the decline was a worldwide phenomenon.  Being an avid music listener and dancer, I noticed this decline in many genres of music and art forms.  From R&B to Soca to Afro House, the music wasn’t the same, in spite of rising popularity.  Quickly, I scratched my beard!  Then……it came to me!  MONEY PROFITS GREED HEARTLESS RECORD COMPANY EXECUTIVES….Yeah, that’s what it is.  Now, the world suffers from starvation of digesting quality art and gross amnesia of knowing what is quality vs. garbage

SOLUTION:  Realize the economic power that you possess.  In personal and social assessments, determine the short-term and long-term damage that such “art” will cause.  Set a plan of action.  The plan doesn’t have to be elaborate.  It can be as simple as explaining to a member of youth the true meaning behind a certain song OR as elaborate as creating a program to educate youth about the music industry (good, bad and technical).  Proactivity is the key!

Thank you for your time.  Light, Power & Guidance!!!


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