And the Results are in….

Greetings Fellow Fellows and Fellowettes,

As the new week begins, I happily leave the unstable yet necessary motions of last week.  In a previous post, I mentioned “From Depression to Upliftment”.  This week is the soar into the skies of materializing of past visions.  It is tough being a TRUE ARTISTE!  There are many that think it is cool to be an artiste.  Most REAL artiste love and hate the position in life.  It requires a lot and affords a certain amount of freedoms that many do not get to experience.

On with the results………..

For all that know, I have taken stance as a Pan-Afrikanist for my life.  I know that all so-called Black/Afrikan folks deal with many of the same issues.  Unfortunately, religion and politics have been highly effective, culturally-destructive tools.  But, NO MORE I SAY!!!  After many spiritual and practical exercises, I have discovered where my rootz are grounded.  According to mtDNA test, my maternal lineage is of the Mende people of Sierra Leone!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are primarily (assertive) farmers and hunters.  It is documented that the Mende people come from Ancient Ghana (present-day Senegal and Mali).  Before then, they are linked to Western Sudan.


Map of Salone (Sierra Leone)


This result has closed many doors of uncertainty and opened doors of Ancestral responsibility.  To know for certain who your people are, solidifies your existence, value and mission in life.  Let’s celebrate!


The flag of Sierra Leone. The motto is “Unity, Justice, Freedom”



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