‘The Flows’ and Takeoff Mode

‘The Flows’ and Takeoff Mode

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Greetings All!  As inferred in my last post, life has been a bit draining lately.  Attempts are made to move forward to continue living on this plane of existence.  The great thing is I get to share my talents/gifts/energies with the world at-large.  Now, Atlanta gets to get a taste.  Please come out to support on Saturday, 1 June 2013 at U Space Art Gallery, 439 Edgewood Avenue SE, Atlanta GA.  Doors open @ 7 PM.  Performance starts @ 8 PM SHARP!  The event is free and open to the public.

'The Flow" An Evening of Elements by ‘E as Poetlove Water' (Etaniel Ben Yehuda) @ U*Space Gallery June 1, 2013 photo TheFlowscopy_zpse9312f5e.jpg

‘The Flows: An Evening of Elements with E as Poetlove Water’ promises to deliver heart, soul, joy and healing.  You will experience poignant poetic readings, spoken word and dramatic interpretation of literary works from the book, The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source and the forthcoming book, The Cells of the Tissue that Should Feel (scheduled for Summer 2013 release).  A few previously unreleased works will be shared, too.  There will be ‘Q & A’ segment and an opportunity to purchase autographed copies of The Chronicles.  I am know that I am extremely excited!

With that excitement, it has been a brewing solution of patience, distance, internal support and enacting upon words of wisdom received.  This runway has been preparing itself for me.  The body of this plane has rolled up to the road into the skies.  The skies are many goals and aspirations that will envelop my being, as I enter the stratosphere and exit the soil plane.  There is a quiet rumble.  Then… updates to come! 

Be great, embrace light and seek clarity-balance!!!


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