Breathing the Cause

Looking to the left

For airflow

Coming up from the right

For a pillow

Going down to rest my head


Pushes me up

So I explore the feelings

But they were resolved

Last year….is correct

Spirit normally saves me

No conversation on this day

E, you already know

Graduated to the next level

As I soar to the height

Illuminated One

For the stars to see me

Live and direct

Energies remain to add weight

To my back, gut and heart

Why have I provided?

Not too long ago

I kicked out the trash

Of my system, of my psyche

The attack of the Blackman

Of the Hueman

Proliferation concluded that I

The titles await

Baba, Healer, Brother, Community Builder

Mentor, Enlightened, Rich for the Ages

As the preparation resumes

The teachings absorbed

The time awaits

To hand me the graduating papers

I hold onto tears

The Ancestors watch from a distance

Not as close as this time last year

Yet, they are the cheering squad

Meeting me down by the river

To cry me a river

Water is healing

As we give thanks for the current water cycle

© 2012

–E as Poetlove Water


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