The Developments

The journey of life continues to pose its challenges.  Yet, I am inspired and daunted I become.  I tire of the continual cycles that bring me up and drag me down.  Reaching the point of no return has been amazing!  Perseverance, clarity, steadfastness and places to invest my loyalties are daily meditations.  As the riches flow, I absorb and obtain more than enough to share with the community.

Focus on proper energy flows within E

Energy centers within the human body (Photo courtesy of

As some know, I have been working in education, youth & community development and/or nonprofit for the past several years.  Children teach you yourself, patience, a deep caring for souls, and joy!  I increase my experience and knowledge to impart upon the little people that grow.  Teaching Artists….wonderful people they are.  Teaching your gift to others who aspire for great and impacting artistic expressions is priceless.  In 2010, I created a Creative Writing Curriculum for middle-school aged students.  It was first facilitated at the ‘Take Action Summer Day Camp’ in East Harlem for Summer 2011.  The bright ideas those students manumitted amazed me!  So, I continue to seek ways to share, enlighten, develop and encourage free and sincere expressions.

Aspirations that I have include the following:

  1. Travel the world sharing my gift to inspire, encourage and relate to the many peoples of the planet (and beyond).
  2. Opportunities to speak and meet with other artistes, social justice advocate and community/civic/spiritual leaders.
  3. Sustain a viable income to invest in family and community.
  4. Challenge the opposing and unnatural thoughts and actions of entities that do not support healthy living (in the holistic sense).
  5. Have my works studied by future generations.

The best way to receive is to give (‘Thought of the Decade, #16’).  I plan to give in the form of a fundraising event that focuses on socially-conscious artistes.  It’s in the works.  Stay tuned!

Until then…..Shalom & Umoja!!!


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