Up to, what have I been?!?!

This wonderful question has an even more wonderful response.  Check it out!

  • As I have been an advocate for peace and social justice, my energies were expended at the ‘Sudanese Marginalization Forum Conference’ in Richmond, VA.  The conference was held on Saturday, 26 May at the West End Community Center.  The conference hosted East African leaders from all over the world.  E as Poetlove Water was given the opportunity to debut the poem, ‘As the Nile River Rises’ (which will be included in my 2nd book, The Cells of the Tissue that Should Feel).  The poem speaks on honoring the indigenous Kushite/Sudanese peoples, Arab racism, freedom and justice.  
  • There was a “fortune list” written, prior to the publishing of my book.  I was able to scratch off one name of the family representative of a past Afrikan leader, whose mission was to liberate Afrikan people.  I was extremely honored to be in contact with the son of this esteemed leader.  (For the sake of protection, I have decided to keep the representative’s identity anonymous).
  • I am embarking upon a campaign to have my 1st (and 2nd) book considered for academic curriculum, reading programs and literary offerings.  I, Legend, shall be!  I strongly desire to be studied while I am alive and transition.
  • The Cells of the Tissue that Should Feel, the soon-to-be second published book by E as Poetlove Water (Etaniel Ben Yehuda).  This book will pick up and run from where The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source left off.  95% of the manuscript is complete.  The cover design and inside art is yet to be completed.  Will keep you posted!
  • Yet to be titled, the 3rd book will focus on holistic health and practical ways to improve health.  I plan to market this to underserved and economically-disadvantaged households in the African American and Latino American communities.  The book will provide tips, practical advice, healthy recipes and charts/tables.  For this book, I will be collaborating with two health experts as co-authors.  The anticipated release date is late 2012/early 2013.   Keep your eyes open!
  • Lastly, the ‘Creative Arts Program’ scheduled for July 2012 in The Gambia, West Africa has been postponed.  Due to insufficient fiscal support, the summer program will take place at a later time.  Thanks to all who have supported the efforts, thus far.

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