Interdependence means Winning!!!

Greetings World!  Greetings World!!!  I received a wonderful reading some weeks ago about the flow of my life…in chart form.  It was very accurate.  So, I must stay in line with the cosmic positive energy, stars, my moon and Spirit.  This is a season of major changes/developments and a surge of endless creativity.  Surprises await me around the corner!  And….a surprise will meet one fortunate person on 16 May 2012!  The contest closes at 11:59 PM EST (-5 GMT) on 15 May 2012.

E has decided to bless the masses with a few gifts of artistry.  While digging around in my heart, I found the following prizes.  One selected winner will receive:

  • An autographed copy of The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source by Etaniel Ben Yehuda (E as Poetlove Water)
  • A framed, original piece from E as Poetlove Water (subject of winner’s choice;  will make a wonderful gift for a special occasion like graduation, birthday, anniversary, wedding)
  • Video with a personal message and performance of a selected poem

The contest is pretty simple.  You must answer all five questions below and email your answers to  In the event that there is a tie, I will email each person an inquiry to guess a number.  The person that gets the correct number or is closest will be the winner.  To discover the answers, you must go to YouTube and SoundCloud and listen to the poems “In-Between”, “True Results”, “Thank You for Letting Me Know” and “The Wall”. 

  1. Which book inspired the poem, “True Results”.  Please list the title and the author.
  2. In the piece “In-Between”, what taps ‘E’ on the shoulder?
  3. According to “The Wall”, when does the world know that you have no wall?
  4. As written in “Thank You for Letting Me Know”, which line follows ‘I have come to the realization that I can travel between realms, different realms, astral planing, telepathic devices, soul gatherings’?
  5. Name the poem(s) that mentions the word ‘moon’.

All the best and good fortune!!!  Shalom


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