Fulljoying the Roller Coaster Ride! Yes I am!!!

Peoples……good peoples!  First, thank you for your patience.  It has been a minute since I have last posted.  Whew (wiping sweat from the ‘brows)!!!!!  I have been busy with writing, spitting on mics, locking the raw food diet down, and (beginnings of) playing Djembe part-time with Osekre and the Lucky Bastards.  Lemme tell you….when you make a deposit, you WILL receive returns/dividends.  It’s absolutely amazing how opportunity knocks in a friendly manner at our doors!

As always, the writing is coming.  I will be posting a couple of more pieces within this week.  SPECIAL NOTE:  audio versions of a few selected pieces will be added for your listening and feeling pleasures!  Fulljoy Fulljoy Fulljoy  Blessings & Eternal Light!!!