As the creativity flows down the stream of happiness,…..

Last week was absolutely awesome!  Creatively-provoking, foundation-building, and motivational meetings.  I had to get this blogsite up and running.  Now, you wonderful people can have access to the ebb and flow of my words and expressions.

Life is something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the recent celebration of my Earthday (25 June 19??), it sparked forward-thinking, in oppose to retrospect.  Being a (connected) Cancer, we are beings that love dwelling in the past.  Nostalgia and Classic movements/presentations are our strengths.  Now, I have reached the point that I am closing that door and walking through the newly opened one in front of me!  It is a very liberating place to go!!

I purchased a new raft called “the continued ‘E'”.  I am floating upstream on the River Life.  Hopefully, the stream will take me pass all of your domiciles.